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playing with the audience's expectations on repeated/multiple occassions with minor unreveals.

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not quite sure what to call this, hence the title, but what i was thinking of is a mix of these two tropes. not quite as 'scare-inducing' as a cat scare, but it happens more often than a built-up reveal/unreveal.

the situation that made me think of this comes comes from Flight of the Navigator, a movie featuring a UFO. (i'm too young to remember the promotions, but i'm fairly certain the UFO/Alien/Max was hyped up just a bit) in several scenes just in the beginning, we have:
  • a silvery disk hovering against the city skyline.... it's a reflective frisbee.
  • an ominous shadow slides over the crowd... just a blimp.
  • a massive oval form materializes in the sky out of the gloom... a water tower.

something to play on audiences' expectations and sort of dash them.

if this is already existing somewhere, please link me in the correct direction. but i have no idea what it would be called so i'm having trouble looking for myself.
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