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"Skies Of Arcadia is one of those games that has a list of flaws a mile long (cliched story, broken battle system, Random Encounters), but manages to be great fun despite (or arguably because of) that, even through multiple playthroughs. There's definitely something to be said for piracy in airships." ~ from this very wiki, about Skies of Arcadia

A Subjective Trope.

Some things--TV shows, games, movies, novels, etc.--may be considered by a good part of their fanbase to be significantly flawed in some way. The script may be narmful; the plot may be a bit Aesop-heavy, the acting might not be too convincing at times, the special effects may look obvious, the gameplay might be tedious or too easy...but the work is still widely appreciated by its fans.

Needless to say, this trope is rather subjective.

Examples list:
  • Castlevania: Symphony of the Night: Generally regarded as the best or among the best Castlevania games, and well-regarded even now (13 years after its release, as of 2010), despite its successors having better gameplay design and more appropriate difficulty.
  • The Evangelion series: incoherent rambling of a wuss of a shonen hero who trashes a perfectly good Giant Mecha show, or a deep psychoanalysis of characters with social problems that the audience can relate to? Can't deny that it's a classic show that still garners new fans, though.
  • La-Mulana, in its original version, a game filled with Guide Dang It details and possibly even a required item that could be Lost Forever, and many gamers dislike its intentionally Nintendo Hard design. However, its intense atmosphere, retro but nevertheless rich graphics, and beautiful soundtrack have made even some haters admit it's perhaps a museum-piece in the form of a videogame.
  • Skies of Arcadia, as mentioned in the page quote above.
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