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The Support Group Is Crazier
A visit to a support group makes a character realize he doesn't have it that bad.
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Real simple. Character has problem; upon talking to others with the same problem, he thinks it could be a lot worse.

  • On Married... with Children, Al Bundy and his neighbor are obsessing over their hair loss. They go to a meeting of Bald American Dudes, and depart not long after, with Al saying: "Seeing you...human flashlights...has made me realize two things: one, I really miss playing pool. And two, I'm not bald; he's not bald; you guys are bald.
  • An episode of The Venture Bros. featured Dr. Venture attending a support group for former child mystery-solvers/child adventurers and deciding that, on the whole, he was comparatively well-adjusted.
  • The live-action version of The Tick had Arthur being taken to meet a group of other sidekicks. He decides compared to the others (one was apparently kidnapped and taken across state lines), his relationship with the Tick is fairly healthy.
  • Zig-Zagged on King of the Hill: In the episode "Texas Skillsaw Massacre", a misunderstanding results in Hank Hill attending a court ordered anger management class, where he befriends a fellow student named Big Jim. At first, they share the belief that their anger is natural and healthy. Later, Big Jim dies of a stroke possibly brought on by rage. This convinces Hank he needs to change, and he decides to cooperate with the lessons. However, when his friends nearly die doing something stupid it turns out that losing his temper and yelling at them was the only way to save their lives.
    Hank:...Big Jim had an anger problem. This is different. I have an idiot problem.
  • Half Baked has the famous scene where Dave Chappelle goes to a drug addiction support group, only to have his addiction to cannabis laughed down. In the immortal words of Bob Saget:
    "Marijuana is not a drug. I used to suck dick for coke."
  • A doctor specifically tells the insomniac protagonist of Fight Club to check out some support groups for various diseases, just for perspective.
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