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Author Genre Denial
I'm NOT writing science fiction! I'm just extrapolating from current technological and social trends to speculate about the future! No ray-guns!
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Is this already covered (although somewhat more narrowly) in Sci-Fi Ghetto?

This is a form of the Word of God in which the creator claims either that the work does not belong to the genre to which it appears to belong, or that the work is a deconstruction or subversion of the genre, even if no deconstruction or subversion is evident.

As evidence of the fact that the work does not belong in the genre, the creator may cite features which separate the work from the genre, sometimes by pointing out that the work does not fit into some specific subset of the genre. Sometimes, the fact that their work does not follow any of the dead horse tropes or dead unicorn tropes of the genre is cited as proof that the work is not a member of the genre.

Alternatively (or additionally), the author may simply cite not having significant personal familiarity with the genre as a reason for the work not to be counted as part of that genre, based on the conception of genres as cumulative literary traditions rather than categories for works dealing with certain broad themes.

Needs More Examples.



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