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Humanoid Female Animal
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It's fairly common in TV shows, animated films, and video games for female animals to generally be drawn more anthropomorphically than the male animals so that they read as pretty or sexy. The males will have simplistic body shapes while the females will have curvaceous body shapes, complete with Hartman Hips and/or Non-Mammal Mammaries. Sometimes, the female animal characters won't possess Hartman Hips or Non-Mammal Mammaries, but they'll be more curvaceous than the male animals. In other words, he female animals tend to be at least a half-notch closer to the "human" end of the spectrum than the male animals.

Please list only examples that are cartoon representatives of Real Life animal species or are fictional species clearly based on those Real Life species. No mythical animals, aliens, or monsters that are not clearly based on any actual species.

See Cute Monster Girl for the fictional creature version. Subtrope of Bizarre Sexual Dimorphism.



  • Inverted in Kung Fu Panda in that Tai Lung (a male snow leopard) has a body that looks more humanlike than Master Tigress's (a female tiger) body.
    • His body is muscular and looks more humanlike so as to contrast with her sleeker, leaner body.
  • Sawyer from Cats Don't Dance looks more humanlike than Danny.
  • Scratette from Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs may not have Wrong-Type-Of-Mammal Mammaries, but she does have Hartman Hips and does look slightly more anthropomorphic than Scrat.
  • The female mice in An American Tail look a little more humanlike than the male mice.
  • Same holds true for the mice in The Great Mouse Detective.
  • The penguins in Happy Feet may not be anthropomorphic, but the female ones look a little more curvaceous than the male ones.

Western Animation

Video Games

  • Krystal from Star Fox Adventures is noticeably more "human"-like than everyone else. The most blatant feature aside from the Wrong-Type-Of-Mammal Mammaries is her human-like head hair.
  • With the notable exception of The Contessa, the female characters in the Sly Cooper video games tend to have more humanlike bodies than the male characters.

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