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Grit Factor
A measurement of how deadly a fictional world is.
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Not all worlds, universes or dimensions are equally deadly. Some worlds are harmless, nothing can actually harm anyone. A black hole may suddenly appear, swallow a character whole and disappear only for the character to come back unharmed later on with an "I Got Better." as an explanation. In other you may get killed for looking at an seemingly empty space wrong. Anybody Can Die there and will do so.

Grit Factor is an unprecise measurement counting from one to ten for these worlds, so you can understand which worlds you have to watch out for. A one means that nobody will ever be actually be harmed there and a ten means that Everythings Trying To Kill You. Trope Namer (in this form at least) is the Mass Crossover Fanfic Sleeping with the Girls, where the Self-Insert explains to his companions how different each world could be, using a very un-precise measurement of how deadly each world is, calling it the Grit Factor.

You can list just about every medium that isn't too abstract about death here. Related to Nobody Can Die, Death Is Cheap, Disney Death, Anyone Can Die, Dwindling Party, Kill 'em All. Compare Sorting Algorithm of Mortality for Characters


Grit Factor 1

Old children's Tv-shows like Teletubbies and Barney The Dinosaur would qualify as a "1." Nothing really bad happens there.

Grit Factor 3

Comedic Romances such as Love Hina would qualify as a "3." People can get hurt and bad things happen but not anything too serious and most things fix themselves soon.

Grit Factor 5

Our world would qualify as a "5." You can and will easily die of many things but everything isn't out to get just you. This is the middle of the scale.

Grit Factor 9

A "9." would be worlds like Berserk. Loads of gore and you can and will easily die of anything in this world. This world is plain out to get everyone.

Grit Factor 10

A perfect ten would be worlds where survival simply isn't an option, it's not a question if you're gonna die, it's about how horribly you will die. A good example of an almost perfect 10 would be Warhammer 40K.

Do We Have This One?? Needs More Examples certainly. Needs Better Description maybe?
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