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Impossibly Cool Clothes decked out with cutting-edge technology.
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Alternate Title: Soft Wear

Original title: Digital Fashion

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One of the key points of 20th and 21st-Century technology has been how to miniaturize and combine all of the gadgetry we've become dependent upon in everyday life. On any given person, it may be possible to find a time-telling device, MP3 player, a cellular phone, a portable gaming device, or personal self-defense doodads, and that's not even getting to the mundane stuff like keys, writing utensils, identification, credit cards, transit passes, and plain old cash.

Fortunately, technology has figured out how to combine some of these (most "Smart phones" are capable of playing M P3s and gaming, amongst countless other uses you can download apps for), but in Speculative Fiction and Science Fiction, it's possible to find clothing that does all kinds of crazy stuff. This trope is what happens when you find something just shy of Powered Armor and Clothes Make the Superman.

Super Trope of Goggles Do Something Unusual, See-Thru Specs, and Shoe Phone. The latter is used exclusively for spy gear, though. This trope is for high-tech wear which has been commercialized or made commonplace, i.e. "fashion".

Anime & Manga
  • AR goggles (along with literal digital accesseries and equipment) are a major feature of Dennou Coil.


  • In Skinned, almost all clothing changes colors or glows or is in some way tech. Those that don't wear tech clothing are generally considered outcasts in one way or another.
  • In Vernor Vinge's Rainbows End, teenagers in the future wear clothes that connect them to the internet, along with specialized contact lenses that can overlay graphics onto the real world (i.e. Augmented Reality).

  • Most Vocaloids exhibit this, justified since they are digital.

Tabletop RPG
  • R. Talsorian Games' Cyberpunk had a number of these products in its Chromebook supplements.
    • Nu Tek video clothing - displays video (TV, movies, etc.).
    • Light (Illumi) Panels - Parts of your clothing light up.
    • Dance Bracelets - When you move, the bracelets play accompanying music.
    • Polychromic clothing - Can change colors on command.

Web Comics

Real Life
  • Wrist watches are one of the earliest examples of this trope, to the point that wearing a stylish (and/or expensive one) is basically a fashion statement.
  • It's possible to use conductive thread (i.e. thread which conducts electrity like electric wires) to sew circuits (with LEDs and the like) into clothes, much to the gratification of people who wish to cosplay the fictional examples of this trope.
  • It's hard not to be impressed when someone walks in from outside wearing Sunglasses, and after a few minutes revert to wearing their prescription spectacles. Transitionals are the coolest damn thing.
  • Snowboard manufacturer Burton made a jacket years ago that had an iPod interface in the inside pocket so your pod was snug and safe while riding, speakers in the collar so you could share the muzak on chairlifts, and ffwd/rwd/pause/play controls built into the fabric of the sleeve. Way cool.
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