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You Have to be the Man of the Family Now

A young person (usually male) is told to take care of his family when the parents can't

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This trope usually features a child or young adult takes on the responsibility of taking care of a household when the parents or legal guardians are unable to do so for any reason. This is either stated or heavily implied.

(The title seems a little awkward, I'd appreciate some help with that and with the description as well. Do we already have this trope?)

Compare A Child Shall Lead Them.
  • In Box Car Children, the orphan Henry took care of his siblings.

Western Animation examples:
  • In the Rugrats episode, "Man of the House", Stu has to go to an Inventor's convention, and since Grandpa Lou is acting up, he tells Tommy that he's gonna have to be the man of the house until he returns.
  • In the The Simpsons episode, "Missionary: Impossible", Homer becomes a missionary in Microasia and communicates with his family through radio. He tells Bart that he is now the man of the house (which includes working at the Nuclear Power Plant), Lisa is the new Bart, Maggie is the new Lisa, and the Toaster is the new Maggie.
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