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Crescent Skirt
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Good thing that skirt covers the most important parts.

Or "Showgirl Skirt". Which do you prefer?

This is a skirt that wraps only partly around a lady's waist, like a crescent.

a lady's waist, thus making a crescent instead of a full circle.

While a regular skirt is to cover up the legs, and slit and wrap skirts are to cover the legs unless the lady moves right, this kind of skirt doesn't really cover the legs (unless you look at it from the right angle). It seems to be more of a way to frame the legs, to accentuate them.

The key to telling if a skirt like this is to look at the waist. The skirt has to wrap between 1/3 to 3/4 of the way around the waist to count. Anything less or more doesn't count (like Leia's slave girl outfit).

Usually a Sub-Trope of Impractically Fancy Outfit, and almost always a kind of Fanservice.
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