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Nobody Likes Nerds
For when the only justification for abusing or picking on someone is because that person is nerdy.
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Bob is a jock. His cheerleader girlfriend, Alice, broke up with him. He got an F on his Math quiz. He got yelled at by his coach for not trying hard enough during practice. And his parents took away his allowance until his grades improve.

Who does Bob take it out on? The nerd, of course!

Nobody Likes Nerds occurs when the only reason for picking on, making fun of, and downright abusing a character is because that person is nerdy. This justification can be given through Word of God (when the author insists nobody should like this character because he/she is nerdy) or implied (when the character in question has never did anything wrong to deserve the abuse, but is nerdy).

This trope is frequently the reason why Nerds Are Virgins. There are also instances when the nerd is oblivious to how much he/she is unliked.

Compare Butt Monkey. Contrast Lovable Nerd. For when the audience has sympathy for that nerd, he/she is The Woobie. For when the audience doesn't care that the abuse for that nerd is unjustified and finds the abuse amusing, he/she is The Chew Toy. For when the nerds in-universe have Jerk Ass tendencies (like bragging about how smart he/she is and belittling others for how much stupider they are), this may become a Justified Trope.

See also Even Nerds Have Standards for when nerds pick on other nerds for their nerdishness.

There is some Truth in Television, as some people get picked on just for being a nerd. There are people that will even admit they are afraid to look "too nerdy" for this reason.


Anime and Manga
  • In Dragon Ball Z, Gohan starts to attend a public high school. Sharpner starts picking on him pretty much immediately, despite him being obviously strong and attractive in the eyes of their mutual female friends. It lessens after Gohan accidentally demonstrates his athletic skills.



Western Animation
  • Meg Griffin from Family Guy takes a lot of abuse from the popular kids and her parents for little or no reason. The justification? The creator stated that Meg was unpopular.
  • Both played straight and parodied on The Simpsons. While Nelson, Jimbo, Kearney & Dolph play it straight most of the time, when Lisa was the bullied, she later discovered that the bullies were incited by a pheromone produced by the nerds and even created a repellent for it (it was just salad dressing).
    • In another Simpsons when Homer went Back to School he assumes that he's a jock and it's his job to pick on the nerds.
  • Dean from The Venture Bros.

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