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They look like the Transformers, but due to international copyright laws, they're not.
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Ah, the Transformers. Some of the most easily recognized robots in fiction. Giant robots that turn into cars/jets et al. Because of their recognisability, writers/directors/producers/etc. will often use a parody of them for spoofs of giant robots.

Enter the Transfauxmers. The Transfauxmers are Stock Parodies of the Transformers used in movies, cartoons, TV shows, and other forms of media. While some of the Transfauxmers may bear a resemblence to specific Transformers (odds are one of them resembles Optimus Prime in some manner), they may also be just be generic giant robots that can turn into cars or other things. The Transfauxmers may also parody other aspects of the brand such as its Merchandise-Driven nature.

They first popped up in the mid 1980s, after the initial cartoon was released. They died down shortly after that, only to see a re-emergence when Beast Wars became popular. More recently, the Michael Bay movies have caused these to resurge again.

Also see Super Robot Genre. Compare/Contrast My Little Phony, it's horse-obsessed Distaff Counterpart.

Comedic examples only. Non-parodical examples (e.g. ripoffs) go on Transforming Mecha.


Anime & Manga

Comic Books

  • In-Universe in Big one of the executives at the toy company that Josh works at wants to market robots that transform into skyscrapers. Josh points out that they aren't fun to play with - once they're buildings, they just sit there - so what's the point?
    • This is a Take That at the more ridiculous Transformers (e.g. Citybots).

Newspaper Comics
  • Magnimus and Refridgeron, the recurring characters from Perry Bible Fellowship can shapeshift into a pickup truck and a fridge, respectively.

  • The various Transformers knockoffs found in bargain stores in both Europe and the US are considered by most serious collectors to be this trope.


Western Animation
  • On The Simpsons Bart & Lisa's TV show "Kidz Newz" gets replaced by the Merchandise-Driven "Mattel and Mars-Bar Quick Energy Chocobot Hour," starring transforming robots who turn into chocolate bars.
    • The "Trans-Clown-O-Morphs" are also Transformers parodies and is Merchandise-Driven to the point there's a breakfast cereal of it.
    • Third The Simpsons example: one of the Treehouse of Horror skits involved a "Transformers" parody (that actually goes through various "Transformer"-like names before settling on "Untitled Robot Parody").

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