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Perilous Journey Made Simple
A location that used to be distant or hard to reach is made more accesable by repeat visits within a story
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Much like a once mysterious character that becomes mundane through familiarity, a location that was once far away or remote is made easier to reach with repeated visits in a work of fiction.

What might have been a tiring or dangerous journey for the protagonist the first time is described in less detail with each visit. When used correctly, it simply saves the author and reader the need to repeat details and segments of a story. When used incorrectly it causes inconsistencies and plot holes.

For this trope to truly manifest itself, the location or journey to it should be something that is strange, distant, perilous, or unfamiliar to the protagonist. Describing a mundane or uneventful journey to establish setting or tone would not apply.


Western Literature
  • "The Dresden Files" series of supernatural detective novels feature perilous locations like Chicago's Undercity. With each visit, despite warnings of all the different ways to get lost, trapped, and eaten, Harry Dresden seems to find his intended target more easily each time.

  • In the film adaptation of Stephen King's Pet Cemetery, the first time Louis visits the burial site it is a long and dangerous journey that takes all afternoon even with Jud guiding him. Later on in the film his trips there are glossed over in direction, and don't seem to take nearly as much chronological time.

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