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Free City
An urban, commercial city-state with republican institutions
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Typically a thriving metropolis, at least by Medieval Stasis standards, the Free City may answer to a monarch in some sense, but if so its charter provides it with a lot of autonomy, or it may answer to no monarch at all, being a city-state, possibly joined in a loose confederation. In lieu of royal leadership, don't expect democracy, though. Perhaps it is ruled by an aristocratic senate, perhaps the city is run by a group of guilds (which is to say well-off masters within those guilds, not struggling apprentices or journeymen), perhaps it is run by a wealthy Big Screwed-Up Family, or perhaps it is ruled by a tyrant who assumes no royal titles while being no less an autocrat. (The tyrant could actually be more benevolent toward the ordinary people of the city than the oligarchic rule of a hereditary senate or elite guild council.) Democracy isn't impossible either, but it isn't to be expected.

Expect the inhabitants of the city to be less obsessed with honor, religious piety, and tradition than the rural, monarchic societies around them, and more interested in getting rich and enjoying cultural creativity. Free Cities may be, loosely, a Fantasy Counterpart to The Republic, and might be the home of a Proud Merchant Race. A Free City also has a good chance of being a Merchant City.

However, while The Republic is often the protagonist-state in more modern settings, the Free City is more morally ambiguous: rarely as evil as The Empire, but often showing a certain corrupt, venal, cowardly aspect compared to the heroic knights of The Kingdom.



Tabletop Games
  • In Dungeons & Dragons, Waterdeep and Ravens Bluff in the Forgotten Realms campaign setting and the Free City of Greyhawk in the Greyhawk setting.
  • In GURPS, Tredroy.
  • In 7th Sea, Freiburg. The feudal prince who nominally reigns is a figurehead.
  • In "Warhammer", the Free City of Marienburg: a rich port city which bought its independence from the Empire during the reign of a weak Emperor who was deposed shortly afterwards.

Video Games
  • In Dragon Age II, the Free Marshes are a loose confederation of Free Cities.


Western Animation
  • In Avatar: The Last Airbender, Omashu. Yes its ruler is called the king, but said king is a benevolent tyrant who reigns over a fairly advanced city.
    • It's implied that the entire Earth Kingdom is a loose collection of such cities.

Real Life
  • The city-states ("poleis") of Ancient Greece (mostly Delian League cities rather than Sparta)
  • The imperial free cities of the Holy Roman Empire, especially those in the Hanseatic League
  • The cantons of medieval Switzerland
  • the city-states of Italy in The Renaissance. (as well as Venice, a republican city-state from the midst of the Dark Ages.)
  • Novgorod prior to Russian annexation. (Although documentation on this instance is a little spotty.)
  • The seafaring, mercantile Kalinga republic prior to its conquest by Ashoka and the Mauryan Empire. (Documentation on this is even spottier.)

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