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Shoulder Teammate
One's shoulder is another's favorite means of transportation.
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Kenpachi never goes anywhere without his Yachiru. Too bad they have no idea ''where'' they are going...

Whenever someone (usually a tall, large Badass, although pretty much anyone can do it) carries a small kid or their speaking animal sidekick on their shoulder wherever they go. Maybe it is to help the smaller one travel faster, or a sign that the two characters share a close (figurative or literal) familial bond. Not to be confused with Parrot Pet Position, which is about Loyal Animal Companions, rather than actual characters.

Often overlaps with Morality Pet and Badass and Child Duo. See also Head Pet.


Anime & Manga
  • Baby Beel, alias Beelzebub, tends to favor Oga's shoulder whenever they travel together. Which is pretty much always, given you can't really afford to let the Demon King's son wander around.
  • The trope image is Kenpachi from Bleach carrying his adoptive daughter Yachiru. She only leaves his shoulder for three reasons: To eat, to play, or to play.
    • Worth mentioning that he actually carries pretty much everyone this way. Ask Orihime.
    • Ichigo followed his example for a while with Nel.
  • In Claymore, Riful sometimes sat upon the shoulder of her much larger boyfriend, Dauf.
  • In Dragon Ball, even though Puar can fly, he'd rather stay on Yamcha's shoulder.
  • In a flashback in One Piece, Tony Tony Chopper is seen a few times hanging on Hiluluk's shoulder(s) while in his cutesy, chibi-sized "Brain Point".
  • The first two mooks (a huge one with a hammer, and a very fast midget) in Samurai Deeper Kyo are introduced this way.


Video Games
  • In Dark Forces 2: Jedi Knight, two of the Big Bad's minions follow this trope, with Pic (the diminutive Fragile Speedster part of the duo) riding on the shoulder of Gorc (a huge Mighty Glacier).
  • When Yuna summons Ifrit in Final Fantasy X, it bursts from underground and catches her this way before letting her down.
  • In the Jak and Daxter series, the latter of the titular characters has the habit of riding on the shoulder of the former. Though, considering what kind of a person Daxter is, you might disagree about him being cute in the true sense of the word.
  • Starting from Gun-Jack, the killer robots created by Jane in Tekken carry her this way. We actually see her jump on Gun-Jack's shoulder as soon as she realizes he won the King of Iron Fist Tournament in his ending cutscene.

Western Animation
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