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Waving Signs Around
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Do We Have This? Rolling Updates. Renamed and reworded to cover both versions.

In any mass public gathering, positive--on the campaign trail, during sporting events, to raise awareness--or negative--at protests and/or strikes, there's bound to be people waving signs around.

In more humorous depictions, expect at least one sign to be completely irrelevant to the actual topic--"Hi, Mom", "Buy at Moe's", "I came to this rally and all I got was this stupid sign", etc.

See also Torches and Pitchforks, for when the crowd gets too rowdy.

(Companion YKTTW: Slogan Yelling Megaphone Guy)

Positive Support Examples:

Real Life
  • Monday Night Football - Many of the signs have Fun with Acronyms, using the letters MNF to spell something humorous.
  • The John 3:16 guy.

Negative Protest Examples:


  • Played with in the film PCU, where there is an entire student organization evidently devoted to protesting for various causes, the cause in question seemingly changing with each week. At the end of the movie, the protagonists stage a large ad hoc protest against the college president, and offer some of their signs to the leader of the student protest organization, to which they reply "We brought our own" and produce a set of blank picket signs and markers that they evidently carry around with them.

  • In one Hardy Boys story, the boys and their friend (Chester, I think his name was) are investigating a massive protest against a boat, and get handed signs (which makes for a difficult moment when the boys' employer turns out to be the owner of the boat). Chester brings his own sign reading "FRANK HARDY FOR MAYOR".

Live-Action Television
  • Father Ted and Dougal protesting outside a cinema (see the page image). "Down with this sort of thing!" "Careful now!"
  • How I Met Your Mother - Ted has to wrestle with a crowd of protesters who don't want the Arcadia, a beloved old building, to be torn down.


Western Animation
  • Played with in an episode of The Boondocks. Huey assembles an army of sign wavers to try and shut down Jasmine's lemonade stand, but when Huey tries to start a riot, they just stand around swaying ineffectually. One of them explains that they will shut down the lemonade stand...even if it takes several years.
  • On South Park the boys get roped into an anti-war protest rally, complete with signs (They only did it to get out of class.) They demonstrate on TV that they don't know anything about it, pissing off Mr. Garrison.
Newsperson: Can you tell me why you marched out of school today?
Stan: Uh.....war.
Newsperson: Right and what about the war?
Kyle: It's, it's....gay?
Newsperson: Uh huh and what aspect of it do you think it most gay?
Kyle: Uh...reading the sign he's carrying no blood for oil!
Stan: Yeah, reading war is not my voice:
Cartman: reading Bush is a nayzzi!
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