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Blow them away with the heavy firepower
Sometimes the tide can be turned through heavy weapons use
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The heroes fight tooth and nail against incredible odds and terrible foes. Just when things are about to go bad as victory seems assured for evil, a new force appears and shows them what can be done and made with real power and the day is saved.

A subtrope of Reality Ensues, showing what happens when enemies of the story are shown how stoppable they are through brute force. Often takes the form of The Cavalry, Gunship Rescue and Big Damn Heroes.



The 2007 version of The Mist had a notable use of this at the end.

Friday the 13th had the military try to do this in the Final Chapter. Turns out Jasons survival isn't merely physical.
  • Jason X also took a shot at this. Then Jason got himself some real power too.

Resident Evil movies both live action and cgi like the games they are based on showed the monsters going down to extreme firepower in the end.

Live Action:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer did this a few times in spite of the setting. Memorably the Big Bad of season 3 was killed when it was lured to enough explosives to level a building.


Resident Evil allows the reversal of the usual power dynamic upon getting new weapons. Especially when aquiring the Eleventh Hour Superpower weapons.

Western Animation:

Parodied on Robot Chicken. When a werewolf says hes unkillable by anything other than a silver bullet, the guy brings out a mini gun and mulches him. Turns out it was a tabletop game and the DM is arguing hes still alive.
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