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Tangentially Related Plot
A bunch of separate plots, held together only by a loose theme
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I'm not really certain how best to describe this trope, but basically I've noticed a few movies recently which have what might be best defined as a "Plot Pile-up". You have a bunch of characters, mostly played by A-list stars. Each character has a plot line, but they are mostly independent and separate, with the characters only occasionally crossing over into the other story lines, if at all. All the plots progress at the same pace, with the scenes bouncing from one storyline to the next without The only thing really tying the movie together is a general theme, which all the story lines will share. Mostly unique to the film genre, but may be found in other media.

Not to be confused with Four Lines, All Waiting, where the different plot lines are separate, but also lack any unifying theme outside of the characters themselves. Contrast Anthology Film, which is a bunch of shorts back-to-back.



Live-Action TV:
  • Undressed: Each episode had 3 storylines: one occuring during high school, one at university, and one with young 20-somethings. When one story line ends, new characters are introduced who were generally not seen before.
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