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Left His Bag
A covert item exchange is interrupted by an unexpected third party.
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A bag is left for another character to receive, usually a one with a bomb or filled with money. The exchange is interrupted by a do-gooder who thinks that the leaving of the bag was an accident, grabs it, and goes after the dropper in order to return it.

A form of Spanner in the Works.


  • A bag with a bomb in it is left to a cafe that refuses to buy mob's alcohol in The Untouchables. A little girl notices that its owner left without it, and tries to get his attention.
  • Harry and Lloyd in Dumb and Dumber become involved with Mary's problems when the former tries to return her the bag full of ransom money which she left at the airport.
  • A bomb is left to a mall by a terrorist in Invasion USA (1985). One holiday shopper tries to return it, but after a short chase, the bomb explodes. This is then followed shortly by Chuck Norris arriving on the scene and starting a shootout with the bad guys.
  • Variation in Mission: Impossible: Luther is on a train, using a signal blocker disguised as a mobile phone to stop an arms dealer accessing sensitive information, when he realises there are IMF agents on the train who will arrest him if they find him. He decides to leave the phone/blocker on the table and hide in the train's toilet, but one of the train staff follows him to inform him he left his phone unattended, forcing him to take it with him and allowing the arms dealer's laptop to start working normally again.
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