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Five Times, One Time Fic

Fanfics following the structure of "Five times (event happens) and one time (event doesn't happen)"

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A fanfiction or other work structured in six small "scenes" with an event happening in the first five scenes and then either not happening or happening differently in the last. This trope occurs most often in romantic fics, where common titles include "Five times Alice kissed Bob and one time Bob kissed back" and "Five times Bob said 'I love you' and one time he didn't need to." The title always follows the pattern of "Five times (event happens) and one time (event either doesn't happen or variation on event happens)" in an example of Exactly What It Says on the Tin. This style is sometimes considered lazy or amateur among the fanfic community.

NB: I'm not sure how much potential this YKTTW has for examples, seeing as they're all going to be fanfics, but it's a trend I see a hell of a lot and I couldn't find an existing trope for it. Do We Have This One?? If this trope or a similar one does already exist, please point me to it. Also, please tell me if this doesn't exactly fit as a trope for any reason.
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