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Multi Directional Barrage
Something in the middle shooting everything around it.
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Yuri: You know how some guns have red lasers that indicate where they're aiming? Watch this.
Marina: Is it broken? You glowed red and the whole room lit up.
Yuri: Exactly.

It's generally a good tactic to surround an opponent. It cuts off their avenues of escape, limits their options, and altogether makes your life much easier.

Unless, of course, they have the ability to shoot everything around them at once.

Generally reserved for ships with lots of guns pointed in every direction, the Multi-Directional Barrage is a common last resort move to escape a trap.

May involve various types of Spam Attacks. Contrast Alpha Strike, which has every available gun pointed at a single target. Compare Spin Attack, which is about melee weapons instead of guns.





[[folder:Video Games]]

  • Sine Mora has the Spider Tank Tsuchigumo. One of Tsuchigumo's attack patterns strongly resembles a spiderweb, and covers the whole screen rather than just going directly towards the player.
  • Warcraft III
    • The Barrage ability lets the Siege Engine shoot rockets at multiple air units simultaneously. Many, many custom maps see the potential in this and change the ability to target ground units as well.
    • The Phoenix's Phoenix Fire allows it to damage random targets while moving.
  • Seen in the promo video for Star Citizen. To give you an idea of the Beam Spam coming off the Bengal-class carrier, they had to reduce the number of guns firing by over half or else the demo attack would've been over in seconds.
  • Paladins in Project Eternity are capable of periodically blasting their immediate vicinity with an eruption of soul energy.
  • Dragon Age: Origins: A bonus ability possibly gained in the "Warden's Keep" DLC allows the Warden to blast any nearby foes with an upwelling of High-Pressure Blood.
  • Tequila's Spin Attack in Stranglehold is basically this.
  • Touhou, being a series of Bullet Hell games, feature many enemies that can do this. Yes, even the Mooks from the first stage. Several Bombs of the Player Character can also count, such as Marisa's Non-Directional Laser or Sakuya's Indiscriminate.
  • "Deus Ex: Human Revolution": The Typhoon augmentation. This military-grade implant spews out a hailstorm of explosive ball-bearings in a 360 radius around the user.
  • In Jak II: Renegade and onwards you can perform one of these by shooting while using a Spin Attack.
  • Some of the grenade mods in Borderlands 2 do this by shooting flechettes all over the place for a while rather than exploding.



  • In Spacetrawler, one of Yuri's cyborg upgrades apparently lets her do this, though we never see it in action.

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