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A well-off person may have a maid or two in his house. Likewise, a truly wealthy person would be likely to have 5 or so maids taking care of his understandably spacious home. And of course, it wouldn't be extraordinary for filthy rich people to have a dozen or two of domestic workers to handle the housework of a really Big Fancy House. It also would be expected for aristocratic/monarchial families with large estates, major hotels, cruise ships and the like to have a ~100-strong domestic worker staff.

This trope is not about the aforementioned. No, this trope about someone who is so rich, he has a whole army of hundreds of maids - sometimes even more, for the more filthy rich ones! - staffing the Big Fancy House of Big Fancy Houses that is his residence, even though the household chores could probably be handled by a signficantly smaller staff.

Not all of them have to be strictly "domestic workers", though. Duties may run the gamut from the traditional housekeepers and attendants, to qualified medical doctors and nurses, to computer specialists, to scientists and mechanics, to personal bodyguards, and even a private paramilitary force.

Oh, and they all wear Meido / French Maid uniforms. Yes, even the ones whose duties would normally require a completely different dress code. Such is the power of Fanservice.

Important Note: Simply having a large number of maids/domestic workers is not enough; they have to be...
  1. Too many for just handling the domestic chores (e.g. "The Big Fancy House only needs about 50 domestic workers, but it actually has a 200-strong domestic staff at any given time."), and/or...
  2. In addition to the "domestic" maids, there are an equal number of "maids" who perform decidely "non-domestic" work: Bodyguard Babes and Private Military Contractors are typical choices, though not the only ones.

Normally Always Female, though the rare Gender Flip does occur.

May overlap with Bodyguard Babes.

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