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It Happens In America First
Occurences involving outer space involve America before and/or more than other countries.
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"[Hypothetical alien spaceships] are heavily armed and likely to first target the United States, owing to the country's unequalled array of monuments and buildings that would look awesome exploding."
- Scott Feschuk, from this satirical Maclean's article.

If there's some occurence involving outer space, it happens in America first.

Of course, there is some justification for this idea; the US does have a reputation for being the country with the most thorough space program, the one most inclined to send satellites into space; well, now that the Soviet Union has collapsed; so it perhaps does make sense for aliens, whether aggressive or innocent, to send themselves and/or items to the US.

In practice, of course, it's obviously because writers of popular culture, especially movies, tend to be American, and the US has more people in it to sell popular entertainment to than the average European country.

Big Applesauce is a subtrope. Compare with Tokyo Is the Center of the Universe, its Japanese counterpart.

Often leads to America Saves the Day.

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