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Mayfly-Hunting December Woman
Like Mrs Robinson, but much older than she looks.
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Whereas a Mayfly-December Romance concerns itself with a mutual romantic relationship between the two parties, this woman is more of a Dirty Old Woman who is Older Than She Looks (or even Really 700 Years Old) and deliberately seeks out an actual relationship (or just an outlet for her sex drive) or at least shamelessly flirts with young men or boys, whether or not they are receptive to her advances.

Sub-Trope of Dirty Old Woman and Older Than She Looks (and by proxy Really 700 Years Old, for more extreme versions). Contrast Mrs. Robinson, who by definition has to be clearly middle aged-looking.


Anime and Manga

Video Games
  • Mass Effect: Ereba liked the idea of taking a human mate because she'd only "have to stick it out for a century or two". Note that any adult asari (which is all of them encountered in-game) is at least 80 years old.

  • Kria Soulstealer, a 418-year-old demon mare from Dan and Mab's Furry Adventures , is a particularly dangerous and shameless example. Her daughter's father was some hunky mortal bull who she devoured after discovering that he'd cheated on her. These days she flirts with 25-year-old Dan, making him quite uncomfortable.
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