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Vehicle Needs Refueling Constantly
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A defect in many video game vehicles, ranging from spaceships to tanks, is that their fuel supply depletes at a rapid rate. This requires players to collect fuel tanks scattered around the levels, sometimes through wholly unrealistic means, or head for refueling stations that may be quite tricky to access.

Part of the reason for The Alleged Car. Like Timed Mission and Stalked by the Bell, this trope originated in old Arcade Games to keep players constantly on their toes. Compare Wizard Needs Food Badly.

  • In Scramble and Super Cobra, you had to recover fuel by bombing fuel tanks.
  • Parsec for the TI-99 had fuel stations inconveniently located in the middle of tunnels with Deadly Walls.
  • The Donkey Kong Country level "Tanked Up Trouble" was based around a moving platform with five lights serving as a fuel gauge. Fuel was restored by jumping into barrels (what else in this game?). If all the lights went out, Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong would instantly lose the level even if they weren't standing on the platform.
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