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God Is Fashionable
A deity is presented with a form, outfit or demeanor that blends in with contemporary trends.
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A subversion of the usual trope that depicts gods or god-like beings in togas, robes, or other old-fashioned clothes reflective of the culture that created them. In this trope, Gods do keep up with mortal culture and change themselves accordingly. And there are a few reasons for doing so.


  • The Sandman: The Endless, as Anthropomorphic Personifications, are demonstrated to appear in whatever form people recognize. For example, Morpheus appears as a thin, pale, dark-skinned man in most cultures, but in Africa, he appears as Kai'ckul with a distinctly Black African appearance. The rest of the Endless "family" are the same way, most notably Death, who tends to appear as a quirky teenage girl in a goth outfit.
  • The Mighty Thor:
    • Thor, in some versions of the character, especially when he is combined with Donald Blake or Jake Olsen.
    • In many stories during the the Turn of the Millennium and The New Tens, Hela is depicted wearing modern clothes and toe-less heels.
  • Incredible Hercules: The Olympian Gods reinvent themselves in a more contemporary appearance, with Olympus appearing as a corporation and the underworld basically being a Vegas casino.

  • Bruce Almighty & Evan Almighty: Morgan Freeman portrays God as a Sharp-Dressed Man.
  • End of Days: Satan makes use of this trope, with a dose of Evil Is Cool.
  • In the film version of Thor, Loki comes to Earth wearing a nice suit.
  • In Time Bandits, God appears wearing a three-piece suit.
  • 'Dogma'': subverts this. The little old man form God was wearing to go play Skee Ball was dressed like your average senior citizen who had once been a blue collar working class joe. And when God shows up at the end of the film in her Alanis Morrisette form, she's wearing a cute little dress and no shoes.
  • God in Oh, God!! didn't really look like that, it's just what John Denver's character perceived him as. At least, until the sequels where God still looked like George Burns. While he wasn't exactly fashionable, he could easily blend in with modern day society.
  • In Daughter of the Lioness, the god Kyprioth wears opulent raka garb (although Aly, being Tortallan, finds it garish rather than fashionable).

  • In The Stand, the demonic Randall Flagg is dressed as a handsome man in jeans and a flannel shirt, and his hair styled in a waving mullet. His real form, however--let's just say he won't win any beauty contests.

Mythology & Religion
  • Un Built Trope: Most deities or entities were envisioned in whatever was fashionable at the time during the various eras that they were recorded.

  • In Mass Effect 3, The Catalyst, the god-like AI that created the Reapers, appears to Shepard in the form of a boy dressed in a contemporary (for the 22nd-century) hoodie. However, its implied that Shepard is merely perceiving this to invoke A Form You Are Comfortable With.
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