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Summer Bug hunt
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A past time for kids (5-10) to do during the summer. Its kind of like fishing see who catches the most and release at the end of the day. Bug Catching nets are a must.

Its mostly a boys and Tomboy thing although there are a few surprises.

Extremely popular in japan, this pastime is the reason behind the creation of Pokémon.

See also Beetle Maniac.

Anime and Manga

Western Animation

  • In Lucas starring Corey Haim, the titular boy spends his summers out in the woods, catching bugs, tadpoles, frogs, crawfish, and other creepy crawlies, just for the fun of it.

  • One of the summer past-times undertaken by the children in Stephen King's It is catching bugs, frogs, and other creepy crawlies in the Barrens.
  • In the Dr. Seuss book, Summer one of the joys of summer for kids is catching fireflies in jars.
  • In Tom Sawyer, Tom and his friends regularly catch frogs and snakes just for the fun of it.

Newspaper Comics
  • Calvin And Hobbes often go out looking for bugs or "anything weird."
  • FoxTrot:Jason and Marcus often do this, so as to have a ready supply of critters with which to annoy Paige.

Video Games
  • Bug Catchers in Pokémon are explicitly based off this.
  • You'll spend a lot of time doing this in the various incarnations of Animal Crossing.
  • The bug net in some of the Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past is reminiscent of this (you can even catch bees and other insects with it as well as the fairies that return in later games). Later games even have bug collecting subquests (particularly Twilight Princess where there was a massive variety of bugs to collect and one of a kind gold versions of each you had to collect as part of a side quest).
  • The player does this every once in a while in Monster Hunter as well.

Real Life
  • The naturist Gerard Durell's autobiography 'My Family and Other Animals' details the author's childhold (and continuing) obsession with nature, and the many different species he collected as a child.

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