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Idiot Grin
An open smile done by an Idiot Hero or someone whos doing something very stupid
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A smile done by an Idiot Hero or any goofy character. Also done by someone in a silly situation or when doing something really stupid. Might also be used when a villain or an anti-hero is scolding the smiler for believing in love/friendship/dreams/themselves.

Usually from ear to ear, eyes closed in anime and manga. Might look really goofy. A staple of anime and manga in general. Used to shown a character is innocent, brave, The Determinator when it comes to beliefs, too stupid to know they're in a dangerous situation, having fun in an odd situation, etc.


Anime and Manga

  • Alfred E. Newman, the cover boy from Mad Magazine, always has one of these

  • Flik pulls a great one in A Bugs Life, when he tips the entire harvest down a crack and is summoned before the ant council.

Video Games

Western Animation
  • Spongebob Squarepants frequently displays one, as does Patrick. They're quite idiotic.
  • The latter half of Ren And Stimpy bears one near perpetually and is really stupid.
  • South Park gives one to Butters in an oddly minimal fashion, it is basically a normal mouth "piece" placed slightly higher up the face, however it is used almost always when Butters is doing something particularly dim and is strangely effective.

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