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A subtrope of Cover Version is for songs which are translated into a different language.


Morning Musume's "Summer Night Town" originally done in Japanese but was then covered by label mates Coconuts Musume in English.

Shakira and Christina Aguilera have both does covers of their own English language songs in Spanish.

David Bowie song "'Heroes'" has been done in three languages, the orignal English, in German as "'Helden'" and in French as "'Heros'"

"The Lion Sleeps Tonight" (aka "Wemaweh" and "In the Jungle") was originally a Zulu pop song from South Africa.

Every Disney song are translated in around 20 languages each, and some language have more than one translation, to accomodate local variation. Phil Collins translate and sing his own songs in French.

Argentinean bands Renacer and Tren Loco, who have covered several english language songs in Spanish, such as Metal Gods, Reckoning Day and March of Time in the case of the former, and The Hellion/Electric Eye and Train of Consecquences in the case of the latter.

Solo Le Pido A Dios by argentinean singer Leon Gieco has been translated by several other artists and groups into different languages, as well.

Petula Clark translated many of her most famous English-language songs in French, Spanish and/or Italian. Downtown is the most well-known of those. On a related note, I Will Follow Him is an English cover of Petula Clark's French-language song Chariot.

Now-forgotten French-Canadian Country singer Stef Carse had a one-hit wonder in the early Nineties with a French rendition of A Chy Breaky Heart called Achy Breaky Dance, dance moves included.

Ue wo muite arukou ("Sukiyaki") by Kyu Sakamoto (1963) was covered in translation by A Taste Of Honey (1981)

The Police did a cover version of De Do Do Do De Da Da Da in Japanese.

"Gloria" by Laura Brannigan was originally a italian song by Umberto Tozzi

The original "Macarena" was in Spanish. A popular version exist with English lyrics.

"99 Red Balloons" is a foreign language cover of "99 Luftballoons" by the same artist (Nena).

The Beatles did a German cover of "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" called "Komm, gib mir deine Hand," and "She Loves You" as "Sie liebt dich."

The Electric Banana Band wrote an English version of their song 'Banankontakt', lampshading it in a recorded conversation on the record, saying that "we can't sing in Swedish anymore, because that's dorky".
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