Faithfully Married
Being married makes a character immune to seduction.
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This trope is when a character who is married becomes immune to seduction because their marriage is a happy one and/or they have a strong sense of honor/propriety. It is often a sign of maturity as well as a show of being a good spouse. Many people are envious of their faithful and happy relationship. Sometimes paired with a lech to show the dicotomy. Count on this guy to be the one who keeps a cool head when the lech would fall apart.

Even the lowliest of Mooks can be shown to be honorable if they have a happy marriage.

Similar to Celibate Hero, as the character certainly recognizes the hints, but simply feels no urge to reciprocate due to being in a relationship. Sister Trope to Sorry, I'm Gay. Contrast I'm a Man, I Can't Help It and All Men Are Perverts.


  • Old joke: A man wakes up with a killer hangover. Fearing his wife's reaction, he crawls into the kitchen where he finds an enormous hand-made breakfast waiting on the table, with his wife gone to work and his son waiting for him. When he asks his son what this is for, the son replies "Well last night, you puked all over the doorstep, you crapped yourself and you tripped into Mom's favorite vase." "But why's she being so nice to me?" "Well, when she was trying to get you out of your dirty pants you punched her screaming "Fuck off, bitch, I'm married!""
Comic Books
  • There's a Spider-Man where Spidey is kidnapped. He's being looked after by a sultry villainess that offers him "anything he wants". He request a solid cage thingy so she'll leave him alone as he was Happily Married to MJ at the time.
  • In the Luna brothers comic series Girls, a small town is overrun by aliens who happen to look like beautiful young women, and promptly seduce any man they can so they can give birth to a cosmic horror. When one wife realizes that her husband is alone in his house with one of the alien girls, she and some other women storm the house intending on preventing him from impregnating the alien. But the man's wife is relieved to see that he has absolutely no interest in a sexual encounter, and instead he has killed the alien and is dissecting her on the coffee table.
  • Bull Durham has Ethical Slut Milly trying to pick up various members of the Durham Bulls at batting practice. One Deadpan Snarker responds to her "I'm Milly," with "I'm married."
  • In Die Hard 2, the airport clerk who helps John early on suggests they could go out later on. John shows off his wedding ring, and says "Just the fax, ma'am".
  • In the World War novel Aftershocks, Johannes Drucker has been in space by himself for over a month, and is then caught by aliens. He is presented with a female human who has been raised by them (these are aliens who don't wear clothes), and when she asks if he would mate with her if given the chance, one of the reasons he gives for not wanting to is that he is married. Since the aliens also don't practice marriage, this doesn't really explain much to her.
  • Invoked by John of Rhodes in the Belisarius Series when he says he is not really such a Casanova as rumored because he looks carefully to see who is seduceable and Antonia is completely unseducable, being Happily Married to Belisarius.
Live-Action TV
  • Wash, from Firefly, resists Saffron's advances due to this. Saffron just loses her temper and clocks him on the head. His wife is suitably impressed and pleased.
  • Hank Moody from Californication cites this at times to girls that come on to him/coworkers who set him up while he's trying to repair his relationship with his long-term domestic partner (his wife in everything but name).
  • When O'Brian goes undercover in the Orion Syndicate in Deep Space Nine the local boss offers him a prostitute as a gesture of Sacred Hospitality. However the boss is satisfied with this explanation for refusal.
  • Frequently used by Marshall in How I Met Your Mother whenever the gang gets into strip clubs or gay bars. He is still flattered by the attention of gays, though.
  • One episode of Lois and Clark had a beautiful blonde Femme Fatale working with a bomber who's Happily Married. She makes several advances on him, but, despite being an unnrepentant murderer, he declines them all. She doesn't take it very well, and when their plan unravels, she arranges for all the blame to fall on him.
  • Danny on CSI NY at least once. His old partner ribs him about the pretty nurse in the hospital when Danny visits him and this is Danny's reply.
  • * On The Mentalist Patrick Jane is faithful to his wife, declines all offers of seduction, and constantly wears his wedding ring - but he's technically not married, since his wife was murdered years before the series started.
  • In the Golden Girls episode "Ladies of the Evening", the girls are arrested on charges of prostitution. Dorothy offers (sincerely) to explain things to the officer in private, but he takes it for a come on and says he's happily married.
  • M*A*S*H:
    • Played straight by BJ Hunnicutt, who is (almost) completely faithful to his wife because of this. The one or two times he does get seduced he feels awful about it afterwards.
    • Played With with Frank Burns and Margaret Houlihan. The former is married but is having an ongoing relationship with Margaret. When Margaret gets engaged he thinks they can still fool around but she shoots him down.
    • Inverted in one episode when Hawkeye starts to come on to a nurse but backs off when he sees her wedding ring. It turns out though that it's her grandmother's, she isn't married, it's just a beard.
      Hawkeye: (ending kiss with Erika) What am I doing? What am I doing? What am I - what am I doing?!
      Erika: Whatever it is, I approve.
      Hawkeye: You're married, madam. You're a married madam! Why don't I go away?
      Erika: Hawkeye, I am not married!
      Hawkeye: What, do you mean your finger's just turning gold?
      Erika: It's my grandmother's. It cuts down on wrestling matches.
      Hawkeye: You're not married?
      Erika: Never have been.
  • Invoked in an episode of Leverage which recounts the hijacking by D.B. Cooper and the stewardess he spoke to. She had gotten so many love notes from smitten passengers that she'd taken to wearing a fake wedding band to ward some of them off.
  • In The Order of the Stick, Elan tries to escape from prison by creating an illusion of a beautiful woman; unfortunately, one of his guards is gay and the other one is married.
Western Animation Videogames
  • In Wildarms3, Clive give this as his reason for turning down the seduction attempts of one of the villains.
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