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What better way to show an extravagent lifestyle than by owning a boat bigger than most houses?
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Financial experts often say that buying a boat is one of the worst wastes of money there is. Besides the cost of the boat itself, they are expensive to fuel (marine engines are gas hogs), expensive to insure, expensive to maintain, and you also have to take things like dock fees and boating accessories into account. Combine these costs with the fact that most boat owners only use it a few times per year (usually during the summer months) and it's easy to conclude that, with the exception of serious boating enthusiasts, most boat owners are not getting their money's worth.

So how do you instantly establish that a character is filthy rich? Show them aboard a luxury yacht that's easily worth several million dollars.


  • One scene in The Dark Knight shows Bruce Wayne aboard a yacht along with several gorgeous, bikini-clad women.
  • In Hot Tub Time Machine Lou exploits his knowlege of the future to become a billionaire. At the end of the film he is seen aboard a huge yacht named "Violator."
  • Sebastian Shaw in X-Men: First Class has a yacht that he keeps in Miami harbor.
  • James Bond:
    • In Casino Royale Le Chiffre is first seen playing poker aboard a yacht.
    • In Skyfall Bond is taken to the Big Bad's hideout aboard a sailing yacht.
  • Parodied in Secondhand Lions. At the end Walter and the Shiek's grandson are laughing at the large yacht that one salesman sold Hub and Garth, and is floating on their tiny pond.
    Sheik's Grandson: I see they spent my grandfather's money wisely.
  • On Some Like It Hot, Joe seduces Sugar Kane by pretending to be a millionaire with a yacht anchored offshore. Fortunately, Osborne, a real millionaire, is in love with Daphne (really Joe's friend Jerry Disguised in Drag), so while he takes Daphne for a night on the town, Joe sneaks Sugar into Osborne's yacht and pretends it's his.
  • In Caddyshack, Judge Smails is christening his new yacht, when Al Czervik (Rodney Dangerfield) shows up in his much larger boat. He then shoves his driver out of the way, put its engines into high gear, and tries to park near Smails' party, causing much damage (and Hilarity) in the process.
    Al: Hey, Smails! My dinghy's bigger than your whole boat!
  • Tony Stark has a yacht in the Iron Man movies.
  • First scene in the movie Superman Returns is Lex Luthor swindling an old woman out of her fortune, and among the many things he obtained with it there is a huge yacht-complete with helipad, piano, top-of-the-line electronics, enough room to work on a plan that could destroy the American continent without feeling constricted...

  • Since Charles Stross' The Jennifer Morgue is a love-letter to James Bond, this was bound to show up somewhere. Ellis Billington takes it Up to Eleven with the Mabuse, a "yacht" which is actually a demilitarized former Russian Navy Krivak III-class missile frigate.
  • In P. G. Wodehouse's Thank You, Jeeves, J. Washburn Stoker, who recently amassed a huge fortune, has what Bertie refers to as a "whacking great yacht". It later becomes a plot point when Bertie gets kidnapped onto the yacht and has to escape.

Live-Action TV
  • Jimmy Wong, a minor character in the Castle episode "Sucker Punch", claims in his infomercial that he came to America on a boat, and now "I own a boat!" The second one may be true, but he's really from Danville, California and affects a Chinese accent to attract customers.
  • In one episode of 30 Rock, Tracy invites everyone to his yacht for a party. Only it turns out the yacht is not his, and everyone is arrested for trespassing.
  • Spoofed with Bobby from Cougar Town. He owns a modest houseboat... and little else. He can't even afford to keep it in the marina, so he just leaves it in a parking lot and lives inside. Eventually the others collect enough money to get the boat to dock, but the moment it hits the water it sinks.
  • In The Pretender episode "Collateral Damage", Lenny Duc claims in his infomercial that he came to America on a tiny boat, "and now I own big boat!" We never actually get to see the big boat, and it may be as fictional as the tiny boat (Lenny later admits he actually came to America in an airplane).
  • Despite focusing on a low-income family, Showtime's Shameless has featured several yachts: Jasmine's sugar daddy held a yacht party, and Steve's father-in-law - a Brazilian drug lord - also owns a yacht.

  • Comedy group The Lonely Island, in which the members of the group are partying aboard a yacht with rapper T-Pain.
  • Quite common in Glam Rap music videos, in which the rapper will be seen partying aboard a yacht to show how rich and successful he has become.

Tabletop Game
  • Rogue Trader characters are defined by their enormous fortunes and equally enormous, super-opulent ships.

Video Game
  • Near the beginning of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City the player attends a yacht party attended by Vice City's rich and famous.
  • Lili from Tekken, heir and daughter to the owner of Rochefort Enterprises, has an enormous yacht. In Street Fighter X Tekken she argues with her teammate Asuka why they don't just use it to get to the South Pole (where the game's central MacGuffin is located), and Asuka replies 'That would be like painting an massive target on our backs'.

Web Original
  • In Jackfilms' parody of the ShamWow informercials, Lance Bass demonstrated the many different things you could wipe with your ShamWow - "Wipe your car, wipe your boat, wipe your RV, wipe your other boat..."

Western Animation
  • Duchess de la Roche, the wealthy robot Bender dates in the Futurama episode "A Flight to Remember". She doesn't just own a yacht, she is a yacht.
  • In an early episode of Family Guy Peter wins a boat - which he trades in for a Mystery Box.
    A boat's a boat, but a Mystery Box could be anything - it could even be a boat! And you know how much I've wanted one of those.
  • The Simpsons:
    • Homer & Marge go to a seminar on money management, presented by a man who (claims he) got a luxury yacht real cheap because it smells like cat pee.
    • In another episode while Homer is house-sitting for Mr. Burns he throws a big party for his friends on Burns' yacht. They get attacked by Ruthless Modern Pirates.
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