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Her acting has brought the house down, and brought down armies.

An army gets ready to invade a country, but someone faces them down. Oh, this is the star of a recent Soap Opera. He seems to think he can stop up. Does he have some way to stop them?

Actually, he does: ACTING!

When acting it's just a skill, it's practically a super power. For whatever reason, a character's acting can be just as effective against one's enemies as the powers of a Flying Brick.

Note that espionage often requires some acting skill, or just being able to bluff and con people, but those are not this trope. This is about acting as for the stage, film, etc. being a power itself.

Despite how good the character's acting is said to be, it's still as likely as not to involve Stylistic Suck.

Also, this isn't reserved for heroes, despite the name.

Compare Charles Atlas Superpower, Master of Disguise.
  • Airi from Those Who Hunt Elves.
  • Gary Johnston from Team America: World Police.
  • The very concept of piloting the Humongous Mecha in Sakura Wars is that preforming in a theater troupe helps prepare one for this.
    • Also in one of the anime episodes, Sumire uses her knowledge of acting to placate the vengeful spirit of an actress at a movie studio. It's actually quite a Tear Jerker to see the ghost finally happy again.
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