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The Uppity Bitch (or The Snoot)
The character that believes that everything and everyone is beneath them.
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Do We Have This One?? The invariably rich characer that has grown accostumed to a certain lifestyle and has very high standards in their life. They look down at and mock the lowerand middle classes, and they think that people who don't have the most expensive cars, the newest technology, or the most stylish fashions live like animals. Usually a WASP, generally a woman with a haughty voice. If they are children, they are spoiled rotten and think that anything can be bought with money. If a girl, they are the Alpha Bitch.

  • Muffy from Arthur.
  • Greg's parents from Dharma and Greg has shades of this towards Dharma's hippy parents, but they get along generally well.
  • Trixie, Chad and Tad, and Veronica from the Fairly OddParents are all snoots.
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