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Personified Animal Paradox
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When animals are personified or depicted as humans or sentient beings, it presents a problem. How do you distinguish between the appropriate behaviour and morals of humans and animals? Should all carnivores or omnivores be considered evil (therefore to include humans)? Are there any actual "animal" animals - i.e. ones that would be kept as pets? Should animals have to live like their unintelligent real life counterparts?

For example in Maus, Jews are depicted as Mice, while Nazis are depicted as Cats. However, one panel has one of the Jews with a photograph of his pet cat!

In The Lion King, lions are (with one exception) are the good guys, but carnivores. And while there are vague references to hunting and the food chain, the only lion shown actually attempting to eat another animal is Scar, the bad guy.

In Chicken Run, chickens are sentient beings, yet it seems perfectly acceptable to the outside world to harvest them for food.
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