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A buffoonish 20-ish year old male prone to Wacky Fratboy Hijinks and drinking
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What is a bro? A bro is a eighteen to twenty-four year old male who wears birkenstock sandals, watches Family Guy, plays Ultimate Frisbee, and wears an upside down visor or a baseball cap with a pre-frayed brim. You know, a bro.
"Bro Rape," Derrick Comedy

The Fratbro is a character depicted in a stereotypical fratboy-ish manner. They're almost always not very intelligent and usually want to party and drink all day (and try to get laid) and will likely engage in Wacky Fratboy Hijinks. Despite the name, they don't have to be (or have been) in a fraternity in college. In a lot of ways it's an evolution of the Dumb Jock stereotype as they often fulfill the same role, although the Fratbro will not necessarily be an athlete (they will be big followers of sports, however).

This is a subtrope of Men Are Uncultured, specifically designed around the idea that it's "normal" for young men to behave this way and sow their depraved "oats" before stepping foot in the real world. The ones who can't let go of this phase in their lives may grow up to be a Jaded Washout or The Stoner.

Usually an Acceptable Target in pretty much any work not aimed at this demographic. If they're a main character, they'll usually be a Bromantic Foil (appropriately enough). One popular Aesop for this type of character is to become a Lady Killer In Love, especially if they Can't Act Perverted Toward a Love Interest. Whether or not it works is a toss-up, as this sort of character can easily imply that the audience Do Not Do This Cool Thing.


Film - Animated

Film - Live Action
  • Stifler in American Pie. Even before he went to college, he fit the stereotype perfectly being a boisterous party animal focused on partying and getting laid. It's rather telling that his Character Development in the sequel is "becoming comfortable enough with his sexuality to kiss a dude in order to have a threesome with lesbians."
  • John "Bluto" Blutarsky of Animal House is the Trope Codifier. Frequently drunk, and always on the lookout for mischief, he neglects his studies to the extent of receiving a grade point average of exactly 0.0. His many fratboy activities include starting a cafeteria Food Fight, spying on women students changing and smashing someone's guitar in the middle of a song. When the dean expels him and his frat brothers, Bluto rallies them to commit one last act of mayhem at Homecoming.

Live Action Television
  • How I Met Your Mother:
    • Ted (currently a college professor) "saves" a girl who is being hit on by a pack of these. The girl considers one of the bunch to be the kind of guy to be named "Boomer."
    • Recurring character Brad is a Genius Ditz version of this. He's first seen hosting a wild college party (though as law students, he made everyone sign a waiver before they could "FREAKING RAGE"), his later appearances that season included a bromance with Marshall, and disappearing during Marshall's bachelor party only to reappear at the end, naked and wandering the streets. He also speaks like a bro, almost to the point of a verbal tic.
  • Sam leaps into a Fratbro in an episode of Quantum Leap, and has trouble getting the Girl of the Week to listen to him because she knows him to be a jockish ass. His fratty mates keep appearing and trying to embroil him in wacky high jinks, including raiding the office of "Dean Stockwell".
  • In The Office (US), Andy was a former Frat Bro at Cornell and was in an a capella group. He often gives his co-workers silly nick names and even has several of his own ("Nard Dog" being the most common). It seems he was pretty popular at college but not so much in the workplace.
  • Troy from Community begins the show somewhere between this and Dumb Jock, having injured himself performing a "keg flip" but he's open to Wacky Fratboy Hijinks. He quickly evolves past this, becoming a much more rounded character.

Video Games
  • League of Legends: The Brolaf skin turns the viking character into an immature dude who likes hot babes and chugging beer.

  • In Questionable Content there is a trio of background bros who appear and chant "BROS!" whenever someone says the word.

Web Original
  • Yahtzee from Zero Punctuation characterizes Xbox 360's target audience as being largely this trope, largely due to the popularity of their multiplayer shooters appealing to them.
  • The Derrick Comedy skit "Bro Rape" is about bros, well, being raped by other bros. It's styled like a "To Catch a Predator" segment, luring the predator-bros in with an online profile named "Chad."
  • A few of Cecil and Kain's lines in the Playstation version's translation of Final Fantasy IV are like this. Legends of Localization refers to this as "Cecil and Kain, who are super-high ranking knights, talk[ing] like college bros or something".
    Kain: Hey, 500 Gil says I slay that beast tomorrow.
    Cecil: Alright, you're on.

Western Animation
  • Rocco from Undergrads. He's so prone to Wacky Fratboy Hijinks that he hazes himself when the frat doesn't. He spends the rest of his time drinking and being a perv.
  • On Codename: Kids Next Door, Numbuh Four finds a whole tribe of them living under his couch.
  • An episode of South Park portrays musical theatre creators Stephen Sondheim, Stephen Schwartz, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Elton John as all being beer-swilling bros in secret.
  • In The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, "Attack of the Clowns", while Mandy and Grim are trying to help Billy conquer his fear of clowns, Billy goes to his happy place in his mind where he encounter his imaginary "Inner Frat Boy" who helps Billy conquer his fear.
  • Aqua Teen Hunger Force has the "Frat Aliens" (Donkey Puncher and Skeeter), who are aliens that behave like stereotypical fratboys, except From Space. Their very names are lewd sexual terms ("Donkey Punch" means to punch someone in the back of the head during doggystyle coitus, and "Skeet" means to ejaculate on someone).
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