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Fear The Razzie

How to make sure that you get the golden raspberry award.

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John Wilson, a copywriter, used to held potluck parties at his house. But on one day, he decided to make an award presentation in his living room with his friends about the worst movies they saw that year. This event was shown in local newspapers and caught on like a flame, the 2nd time he made such a presentation there were twice as many people like in the first one, and the third on had doubled the second one in spectators. It became so international, that during the 4th one CNN covered the event.

And so, after many years, it became the most well-known series of awards.

But sadly, it's not realistic. Many So Bad, It's Horrible movies weren't even mentioned during its lifespan.

This inspired this trope, whom searches for elements that kept on recurring by nominees of those awards. Compare and contrast Oscar Bait, who searches for similar trends, but in the opposite category

Positioning a film to gain razzies
  • In general, a Hollywood movie will have more chance to end on such awards than a B-Movie. This even got lampshaded in the book "The Official Razzie Movie Guide: Enjoying the Best of Hollywood's worst".
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