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All Lesbians Want Kids
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Can also be titled Lesbian Baby Boom. I guess this is one for The Parent Trope list, may also possibly fall under YKTTW Catch-22 Prejudice Trope Index.

So a given female cast member will get the storyline of realising she is gay/bisexual/"it's not the gender, it's the person" or maybe the she was already gay from the start, whatever the case maybe at some point after entering in a long-term relationship with another woman expect their biological clock to go off and thus the pregnancy (or adoption if pregnancy doesn't workout) storyline for the two will begin.

This isn't going to be good.

Now there's nothing wrong with the miracle of life nor lesbians, especially should the two combine, what is problematic is the execution of these storylines. In fact the very conception of the storyline can be borne out of lazy writing or possibly Executive Meddling and due to this apathy the quality overall will suffer. Did Not Do The Research, Double Standard, Most Writers Are Male and Unfortunate Implications are often attributed to it's prevalence. Plays off of gender roles/Babies Make Everything Better in the same way that All Gays Are Promiscuous plays off of A Man Is Not a Virgin.

Expect some variation on a joke involving turkey basters.

However as we all know Tropes Are Not Bad and put in the right hands this can (and has) realistically be a good thing eventually leading to this being a Discredited Trope but not right now.

See this article and this follow-up for a more a detailed analysis and examples (I've essentially and haphazardly summarised the first article here so i'm not the original author of either).

  • If These Walls Could Talk 2. In the segment 2000, Fran (Sharon Stone) and Kal (Ellen DeGeneres) decide to have a baby together. A turkey baster is involved.
  • Two examples that exist on opposite ends of the Sliding Scale of Idealism Versus Cynicism when it comes to the custody aspect are What Makes A Family and Two Mothers For Zachary respectively, the latter being based on a real life case.
  • A chapter of textbook example of this trope is played straight in ER with Dr. Kerry Weaver and her firefighter girlfriend complete with custody battles, melodrama and death.
  • In NYPD Blue, Det. Abbey Sullivan and her partner got Det. Greg Medevoy to donate his sperm.
  • Partially subverted in The Wire, while her partner Cheryl certainly wanted a baby, Kima intially and honestly wasn't so enthusiatic until she's receives drive to parent Season 5. It goes without saying that The Wire being what it is, this is one of the examples of the storyline being written right.
  • In an episode of Without a Trace, an unknown pair of women assumed to be a lesbian couple finally receiving a baby to adopt have said baby taken away from them as it was the missing person of that episode - btw they didn't kidnap it just caught up in a conspiracy.
  • Unsurprisingly in a show with a Cast Full of Gay, The L Word had one. What is surprising is that it only occurred with just one couple - twice!. Well... actually there was also Helena's kids but you know.
  • The token lesbians in the US version of Queer as Folk decide to have a baby; naturally they select their friend, gay Heroic Sociopath Brian, to be the biological father.
  • So far this has been averted with everyone's favourite lesbian witch, Willow! Despite having been in two long term relationships, the first one made impossible due to...erm Tara's current status and her second as well as current one with Kennedy is taking it slow.
  • This seems to be the catalyst for the breakup between Caitlin and Alicia on the cancelled Sex and the City clone Cashmere Mafia.
  • Appeared to be the only reason to include Carol's partner Susan in Friends.
  • American Dad! had an episode about gay adoption that featured homosexuals of both genders wanting kids. However, the episode's climax involved Stan kidnapping two children from their lesbian mothers.
  • Dykes to Watch Out For deals with this as but as it is Cast Full of Gay there are many characters who don't want kids, and indeed the fact that Toni and Clarice want a conventional life with kids does irk the uber-principled Mo.
    • There is also her ex-girlfriend Harriet who becomes pregnant through sperm donation while single, and later Ginger (and later Lois, who had earlier said that she has the maternal instincts of a doorknob) dates Jasmine who has a transgendered son.
    • When Toni was pregnant with Raffi, other characters commented:
    "It used to be being a lesbian got you out of having to have kids. Now ever since my mama saw lesbian mothers on Oprah, I've been up to my eyeballs in clippings about sperm banks"
  • In another similarly Cast Full of Gay comic strip Chelsea Boys a lesbian couple asks Nathan to donate sperm but despite him being gay they for some reason want to conceive "naturally" with actual sex, which is achieved with viagra, a gay porn playing, a Brad Pitt mask and the other partner pegging him.
  • While Truth in Television for some as seen in particuar episodes of Wife Swap not so for others such as Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi who have gone on record as saying that they are happy just being a married couple.

A Sister Trope of Has Two Mommies.
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