Multiplayer Removal
A video game that had a multiplayer mode, loses it in the next games

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This trope is when a videogame has a multiplayer mode, and later gets the mode removed from the game, can be both in sequels that lack the mode, or even have the content removed from the game on re-releases or even an "update" that actually removes the mode.

If the multiplayer mode was really good and praised by the players, this can be a huge loss to the game and make it much worse, if the game is hugely based on the multiplayer, then it's a complete decharacterization, however, if the multiplayer mode wasn't that good, and/or it wasn't even fitting with the concept of the game, then this can be for the better good and players will not miss much, thus allowing the developers to make a much better single player game.

Polar opposite of Multiplayer Addition.
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