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Playing the Race Card
EverythingIsRacist as a ChewbaccaDefense
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Old Woman: [holding a dead cat] Mr. Miggles. A Car hit him; he's dead.
Curtis: You want me to take a look at him?
Old woman: What are you gonna do?
Curtis: I'm a vet.
Old Woman: You don't look like a vet.
Curtis: You don't think Black people can be vets?
Old Woman: Oh, no, no... [Hands over Mr. Miggles]
Misfits (Note:Curtis is not a vet)

These days, political correctness has a way of going mad. Nobody wants to be accused of prejudice, after all. One of the best ways to win arguments by default is to accuse the other person of prejudice. With a simple "It's because I'm..." you can make a person shut up totally and completely, even when you're totally in the wrong.


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