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Literature: The Merlin Saga
The Merlin Saga, a series of novels by T. A. Barron
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This series of novels by T. A. Barron follows Merlin, a wise and powerful wizard, and his journey across Avalon. It was published in twelve volumes in the years 1996-2011.

This series contains examples of:

  • Shoulder-Sized Dragon — The main focus of The Dragon of Avalon and the following two books, Basil, is a small dragon.
  • The Nose Knows — Inverted: Basil can make others smell things.
  • Stronger with AgeBasil again. Although he is tiny for most of the first book he's in, he turns out to be of a species of dragons that take an especially long time to grow but once mature are much bigger and stronger than most other dragons.
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