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Having Magic Sucks
Having Magic Sucks
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Magic! With it, you can heal people! Or fly! Or turn princes into frogs! And several other things. Magic sure seems like something good, doesn't it?

Well, not always. When Having Magic Sucks, the sources for magic and/or mana are malevolent and/or distrusted groups such as eldritch abominations or demons. As well as the souls of the living, including humans. Or you can use actual live humans as materials, particularly if it involves transmutation.

The people who study magic range form those who are trying to help others or defend themselves to the point of crossing a line, the ineffectual wizards who don't use magic as much as they could even when they could change something for the better, and the sorcerers who repeatedly engage in necromancy, blood magic, soul taking, and other taboo arts that man was not meant to know or do.

And that's for people who weren't necessary innately magical compared to others. If you are, then chances are you will encounter people who want to use you as a soldier or guinea pig. To say nothing of how others might look upon you with fear or hatred for at least one reason, particularly if you aren't completely human. And they might very well have enough of a reason to do so, if you live in a setting where you are in danger of being possessed by a demon or eldritch abomination.

And there's the people who can't or don't use magic. They could be out to exploit you as a weapon and/or research tool. Or they might fear you and see to it that you are kept under watch, on the grounds that you can control others like puppets, or that you're at risk for being possessed by a demon or eldritch abomination and going on a killing spree. And there are those who want you killed as if you were a disease spreading rat on the same grounds or more.

TLDR: Having magic is not good automatically, if it can be good at all.
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