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Casting Perfection
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Probably needs a better title.

This can very possibly be a Cue Cullen, but this is were the actor or actress cast for a part is simply perfect because of their reputation matching with the character they are playing. In some cases it is a perfect use of Adam Westing.

Compare Ink-Suit Actor.

  • Robert Downey Jr. was cast as Iron Man not only because he is a good actor, but has had problems in the past with drugs. That alone added extra weight to a man who is struggling to redeem himself of past mistakes
  • Bruce Willis in Unbreakable as a man who is struggling with the idea that he might be Made of Iron and no one else is. Thinking about John McClane while watching the movie makes it that much more thoughtful.
  • And (of course) Adam West in Batman: The Animated Series as a washed-up actor who is frustrated that nobody can think of him as anything but his most famous role. Other actors might have been able to portray it better, but no one else could have given it that added level of irony. And then producer Bruce Timm playing the crazy fan in the episode (complete as an Ink-Suit Actor) really hits it home.
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