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What They're Calling It Now
An unusual euphemism, intentional or not, for... It
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In-Universe as much as in Real Life people will name an absurd verb phrase, "waxing the bunnies" for example, and another will misconstrue it for an Unusual Euphemism for copulation. It really only works in fiction if the viewer has a dirty mind, if it is heavily inferred, or if a member of the fictional audience retorts, sexy grin covering their face, with "oh, is that what they're calling it nowadays?", or some variation thereof.

That Stock Phrase is so widespread that it has become a euphemism of this variety in its own right, however it is not necessary to the trope (for that, see Is That What They're Calling It Now?).

Sub-Trope of Unusual Euphemism.


  • In How I Met Your Mother Ted once refers to the upstairs neighbours as "playing the bagpipes" and "bagpiping away".
    • Later, Barney used "performing a ceremony".
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