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Do we have that? I haven't found it anywhere.

I'm referring to any form of entirely digital, virtual life-form, with its own "biological" rules dictating reproduction, evolution and such. My prime example is Darwinia (PC game), in which the little digital creatures have been created and have evolved by themselves through the system created by a programmer, have their own individual mind and thoughts, and have developed their own culture.

The idea is that a Magical Computer can hold a virtual world, in which virtual conscious minds exist, and that these virtual minds have no way of knowing they are virtual.

First draft for the final page below. Suggestions welcome : you can edit the entry to correct my syntax and add examples. ---

In an entirely virtual world generated by a Magical Computer, creatures have been created and lead their own life; in time, they even have developed consciousness. While their habitat is a simulation, they have no way of knowing so, and have no counterpart in the real world : they are entire beings in a digital world.

Just as the Mechanical Lifeforms, the Digital Lifeforms trope apply rules of biological matter to other items; here, these rules are applied to informatics.

While it may inhabit the Cyberspace where humans sometimes travel, the Digital Lifeforms is entirely contained in this virtual reality and does not need a physical basis to develop consciousness.

Compare Mechanical Lifeform and Cyberspace.

  • Darwinia (PC game) is designed around this very idea : the Darwinians are a digital tribal species in which each creature has its own personality and individual consciousness, as well as a common culture (including language and rituals).
  • ReBoot (Western Animation) : various beings of unknown function inhabit a supercomputer and put up with the actions of a mysterious User, along with fighting anthropomorphic viruses and travelling the Net on pirate ships.
  • Tron (film) : the IS Os, while created as programs, develop a personality (such as having ambition or sense of duty) and emotions.

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