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Bringing The Cure
A scene to cure a long-standing medical problem.
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Just because you didn't collapse at once and have the After-Action Healing Drama, or even the After-Action Patch-Up doesn't mean that the wound isn't the Wound That Will Not Heal, or won't kill you in the end. Sickness can last a long time, too, and still end up fatal.

But with these scene, you can get the Magic Antidote, or have someone lay on the Healing Hands, and recover.

This can be, but does not have to be, time critical; you could linger for weeks if you didn't get it, or die within minute because you are having a crisis. Either way, however, it is a scene of high drama because of your recovery. If it is not unnaturally swift, you will still give unmistakable signs of improvement, if only falling into a more natural sleep.


  • The Land Before Time This is what has to happen in the fourth movie, Journey Through The Mists; the kids have to find the flowers that can cure Littlefoot's grandfather.
  • Balto the whole plot led up to this sort of scene, bringing in the antitoxin to save the sick kids.

Live-Action TV
  • Merlin Merlin gets poisoned in The Poisoned Chalice, and *Arthur goes to find the cure. Gwen smuggles it to Gaius,who actually gives it to Merlin Then it sort of gets flip flopped in 'The Death of Arthur';Merlin had to bring the cure for Arthur after figuring out how to get it without sacrificing himself.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer has this, with Angel feeding Buffy the demon heart-based potion to cure her telepathy that was driving her insane.
    • Angel feeding off Buffy to cure his condition might count as well.

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