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Giant Ex-Boyfriend
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So you are the socially awkward main character who finally gets the confidence to approach a girl. You say "hi", she smiles and she seems like she's into you when all of a sudden this massive, hulking guy either walks up behind her and glares at you or taps you on the shoulder from behind. "Oh, that's my ex-boyfriend," she'll probably say in a totally apathetic way. Expect him to be about 7 feet tall and built like a brick shithouse. He will also be angry and ready to grind you into paste.

If you are the main character you may get lucky and be challenged to some sort of contest that for some reason does not involve a great deal of physical strength and allows you to defeat him. If you are not a main character then you will be lucky to merely get thrown out the door, but probably pounded into the pavement as well. Either way, murdering the hypotenuse is in order here.

You can expect the girl to offer you absolutely no assistance, either because she knows that he won't listen to her anyway or more likely because she just doesn't seem to care. Although she usually is not creeped out by you approaching her in the first place and actually usually seems to like you. She will usually disappear into the corner as this giant ex boyfriend fills the scene.

Said ex-boyfriend can sometimes be replaced with an overprotective brother but the end result with be the same.

Usually this trope is used to humiliate the character and convince him that he will never get a date but sometimes it can become an opportunity for the main character to show them who is boss. Almost always involves two men in conflict over the same woman, and usually not the other way around.
Live Action Television
  • On Cougar Town, Andy thinks women are coming on to him because he's married. Grayson confronts one of the women about it and the two end up running from her gigantic husband.
  • The Big Bang Theory:
    • In the first episode, Leonard and Sheldon go to Penny's ex-boyfriend's apartment to retreive her TV, and come back without their pants. Kurt appears a couply of times and he always behaves like jerk, both to Penny and to Leonard.
    • Bernadette and Howard met Bernadette's ex-boyfriend at a science conference. Howard and Bernadette are both little, and her ex is a ridiculously attractive tall black guy. He was very kind and polite, but Howard got jealous anyway.
  • On one episode of the TV series Dinosaurs, Earl faced the prospect of having to fight to the death with one of Fran's old high school boyfriends. He was so big he couldn't enter their door, so he simply ripped the roof off the house.

Newspaper Comics
  • Dirk, Toni's ex from Luann fits this--he has anger management issues, is a weightlifter, and can be incredibly intimidating. A little atypical, since Tony chastises him whenever he threatens Brad.

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