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This Isn't Funny, You Guys!
A character who is all alone when something scary occurs initially assumes it's some kind of sick prank.
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It's late at night. Bob has just arrived at his home. As he hangs his coat up, he sees an odd shadow in the distance. He comes closer. It's human-shaped, possibly wielding a knife. He's a bit scared now, but he isn't going to show it, and he also believes (or hopes) that there's a more plausible explanation. So he calls out to the shadow, "Alice! I know that's you. Joke's over. It's not really funny anyway." Unfortunately for Bob, however he words this Stock Phrase, it all but guarantees that no, it's not Alice, or any other pranker, and yes, he should be panicking for his life.


  • The first episode of the New Doctor Who has Rose react this way when the mannequins in her department store come lurching toward her.
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