Created By: abateman on December 3, 2013

Disproportionate Attributes

A Video Game phenomenon where specific attributes of playable characters vs opponents is severely skewed.

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Ok, this is my first contribution, so be gentle.

Have you ever notice in games, especially RPG's, that the character attributes (such as HP or the strength of a single attack) of your characters seems to be completely incomparable to the same attributes of your enemies?

Your character might max out at 20,000 HP, but you regularly encounter enemies with HP in the hundreds of thousands, yet you aren't mismatched, because the amount of damage you can do with a single hit is several times that inflicted by your opponent.

This disproportionate scale of attributes is most pronounced when a character shows up as both an ally and an opponent in the same game, such as Beatrix in Final Fantasy 9, and has vastly different attributes between the two.

This device is used to stimulate a David and Goliath like feeling of pleasure derived from being victorious in a situation where you probably shouldn't be, whether going up against the Sephroth (FFVII) or Metroid Prime (Metroid Prime) or Darkside (Kingdom Hearts). The game makes the enemy seem more badass by inflating their stats and/or making them physically large, while stacking the more subtle attributes in favor of the player to give them a fighting chance, or even an advantage.
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