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Mystic Third Eye

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I spy with my third eye, an aura that's colored... ecru!

This very, very old trope symbolizes supernatural and mystical perception, possibly even enlightenment. As such, it's not necessarily biological, characters might make a glowing eye appear on their forehead when using their magic powers. Alternately, if the character is a mutant, alien, or strange creature, the third eye provides purely worldly Super Senses related to vision.

As the picture shows, it might be parallel or perpendicular to the two normal eyes. It may also be made more otherworldly by being a different color than the two normal eyes. While this trope is pretty neutral as to heroes and villains, usually evil characters have the mutant type third eye while heroes sport the more "enlightened" mystical one.

Expect the owner of the eye to suffer from But Your Wings Are Beautiful if not outright persecution.

It's frequently paired with other Eye Tropes and Fate and Prophecy Tropes. One of the few ways to put eyes in odd places without squicking someone out.
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