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Some girls act like guys. Some go as far as being almost considered guys. Most of them are portrayed as feminists(often the straw kind), but then there's those. They will call people "girl" and "sissy" as insults. They think that women should Stay in the Kitchen, and they're against all kinds of women's rights. They're Female Misogynists. People will remind them that they're girls themselves, but they will deny it - or consider themselves a "honorary dude". Another variation is the extremely conservative housewife, who thinks that women are inferior to men. Needs a Better Description. Needs More Examples.


  • Bella Swan of Twilight seems to hate all females, except for herself. Is happy to stay in the kitchen, letting her boyfriend do all the hard work.
  • In Powers, Walker asks his partner Deena if she hates other women cops. She disagrees and says she just doesn't like other women, period.
  • In Nineteen Eighty Four, Julia says that she hates women.
  • In Genkaku Picasso one of the girls in Hikari's class is a yaoi fangirl because she doesn't like the way girls treat love. (And of course has no actual experience with how boys treat love.)
  • In Royal Pains, Emily Peck accuses Divya of being "one of those women who doesn't like other women". Divya is disturbed by this, but eventually concludes that actually, "I'm one of those women who doesn't like you."
  • In Rumpole Of The Bailey, during one of his complaints about the various unreasonable judges he has to work with, Rumpole singles out a female judge as a worse male chauvanist than any of the men.
  • This is very much Truth in Television, it's called internalized sexism.
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