Spy's Suspicious Spouse

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The Love Interest has noted something odd about their partner. He/she is gone at all hours, does strange things and never answers a straight question. Is he betraying her?

Never fear! You Love Interest still has Undying Loyalty toward you and would never do such a thing. No it is something else. Rather he is a great patriot bravely defending his country against The Empire. She of course can't be told about this because she has no Need To Know. So she must wonder.

Not necessarily a married couple of course. Subtrope of Mistaken for Cheating.



Live-Action TV

  • In NCIS, Power Down a young man discovers that his recently murdered wife whom he momentarily thought was cheating was a security agent working to protect The Government against cyberattacks .

  • A subplot arc in the first season of Spooks involved the girlfriend of one of the agents adding two and two together to get five. (The time he went undercover as a married man and then forgot to take the ring off before he went home really didn't help.)
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